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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. It's in the works, but I would be so honored if you'd leave a comment or maybe even read a little. Thanks!

The Fiascos

Where the heck did she come up with that name?

The "Foodie Fiasco?" But isn't this blog about health food? Why is that a fiasco?

Why am asking myself so many questions? (I'll try to stop now.) Ok, I came up with that name for a few different reasons.

In the kitchen, some things just aren't going to go as planned. It's just not. Some times, it turns out really great! (i.e. Once I made cookies that came out with the texture of cake. Yum!) Other time, well, not so much. (i.e. I don't want to talk about it.)

The same concept applies to life; some things don't go as planned. So I decided to make a play out of that. (No, not a broadway type "play" where people poke their heads out of kitchen cabinets and start singing show tunes about cauliflower and start doing some bizarre veggie dance.)

You get to see my kitchen fiascos, where my culinary endeavors go on tangents. But you also gat to see me  go on "fiasco" challenges, missions, adventures, etc. Let me explain.

A fiasco challenge may be something me or a reader challenges me to. For example, i'm thinking of doing a challenge for the following school year where I have to have something different everyday for a period of time, and I would document my progress for y'all. Another mission/challenge may be my potential upcoming hula hooping fiasco. In it, I plan to video tape myself attempting to do various household chores while hula hooping.

A fiasco adventure may be me walking a few miles from my house to some point of culinary/nutritional interest, or taking some kind of interesting class. I'll try to document everything as best as I can, through videos, pictures, and the good old fashioned written word.

Through this site, I'm really trying to do something for everyone. I hope anyone can get a kick out of watching a teenage girl reading a textbook, doing something on the computer, writing down homework, hula hooping, and watching tv all at the same time. I also want to help the health concious community through my newfound knoledge in that subject (more about that on the about me page.) And finally, I'd like to make life at least a little bit easier for all the super busy people out there who often find themselves with the responsibilty of cooking for themselves and/or the family.

Point is, I want to help people. Again, I'm really grateful you stopped by, and happy fiaso-ing!

-Kelly M.