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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to make Stevia/Sugar Blend

OK guys, this one is very simple.

I love baking, but not all the sugar, butter, etc. that goes along with it. "Light" baking is interesting.

Baking is a science. Light baking is different.

Scary different.

I love stevia, but I find using it in baked goods makes the finished product taste diet-y, which can be a living nightmare. I am not on a diet, nor do I encourage diets. I hate "diet food" and do not believe it should ever be consumed by anyone. Ever.

So I made brownies today with stevia, and when I tested them on my mom, she was less than enthusiastic. She gave them a "oh they're nice, sweetie" review which just won't cut it for me. When I pressed her further, (sorry mom!) she said they're good for diet food.

I tried (unsuccessfully) to keep my horrified reaction on the inside.

Diet food? I don't make diet food. Ew.

So I sucked up my pride, and bought some real, raw cane sugar. (Hey, if I'm going to eat real sugar, it should at least be the minimally processed stuff.)

So I kinda chickened out. Instead of using total real sugar, I mixed it in a 1:1 ratio with the stevia.

So it worked a lot better than using stevia alone. I have a feeling this mix is going to go much farther than stevia has gone before, and will probably end up in recipes to come. I'll post the recipe for the cookies I made with the mix soon.

Stevia/Sugar Mix


1/4 cup stevia
1/4 cup raw cane sugar

Combine both ingredients in a bowl and mix well. (Simple, huh?)

So like I said, I'll be back with my first stevia/sugar mix cookies recipe tomorrow.

Can you handle the suspense?


-Kelly M.


  1. I'm googling "stevia/sugar blend" for a translation and your blog was right up there, so I'm counting that as good idiomatic use. Hope the new brownies turn out well.
    Yrs, John

  2. I don't know, does Stevia measure the same as sugar? I use a lot less Stevia than I do sugar.

  3. I agree with mymusings...usually you use less Stevia for the same amount of sugar, so if you mix both, then I would think you would use less Stevia, not the same amount.

  4. My thought is that maybe if you blend it in a 1:1 ratio, you use less volume in the recipe? Domino makes a sugar/stevia blend, and 1/2 cup of it sweetens the same as a full cup of sugar.