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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catching Up


What am I going to do? I don't have any almond milk! Ugh.

I don't function very well without my oats, and I happened to have a particularly oat-free morning. I went to Target, picked up some bananas, but guess what I forgot?

Then I went to the Farmer's market, got some chocolate Bennett's fro yo, and decided to got to he Whole Foods across the street. Did I remember? No.

This is what happens when I don't have a proper breakfast.

 I actually got a different flavor fro yo, of my own free choice. Creamy, decadent, chocolaty goodness.
 For dinner, we went to this French Bistro at The Grove called Morels. I used to go when I was little for cheese fondue.

Nowadays, I tend to avoid big vats of bubbling cheese. Willpower, my friends, is the name of the game.
 I ordered one of my salads dry with Dijon mustard on the side. This particular salad touted organic greens and tomatoes. I don't like tomatoes, but there were only about four in the whole salad and I don't mind picking around 4 measly tomatoes.

Unfortunately, the salad was only so-so. I'm really not a huge arugula fan, and this was no exception. On top of that, I like leaves to be very chilled, but these kind of an unappealing room temperature.

The Dijon was also way spicy, so I either had the taste of icky ill-tempered arugula, or had my nose burning with spicy Dijon.

The dressing that actually came with the salad was quite good, light with a pleasing flavor. Sadly, I'm not a huge salad dressing person, so that really didn't salvage it. Oh well.
 The coffee on the other hand, was quite different.

I ordered an "Ecuador" French press coffee, with notes of sweet caramel and chocolate. I ordered it with some nonfat milk, and it came in one of the really fun French presses.

 At first, I was really pretty modest with the amount of milk I put in, so to me, the initial taste was slightly a burned one, although the texture was very smooth.
 After adding more milk and getting more used to the flavor, I really enjoyed it. Not too bitter, but not "sweet." It was almost silky smooth and I really got the French Bistro feeling.

I really have been reading too much Julia Child lately. :)
My friend Christine ordered the chocolate mousse, and this pic was taken after it was ever so slightly picked at. ;)

I only had a few minuscule tastes because I wanted to leave with that lovely coffee taste in my mouth. But, the mousse was really good too. It was almost "melt in your mouth," and there was some vanilla mousse in there, too.

So yeah, that might have to be it for today.

I know, this was kinda a boring culinary day, and I was thinking I could share the recipes for the poached salmon and cauliflower mashies I made the other day to redeem myself, but, there are a lot of pictures, which is a lot of uploading time. Maybe tomorrow?

Before I go, I wanted to give a shout out to Angela at Oh She Glows for being amazing, as usual. I gave her an email declaring her awesomeness, and she just responded with such a sweet email. She is sooooo nice and I am so honored to have talked to her. She is a highly acclaimed blogger, and I really respect her. Thanks, Angela!


-Kelly M.

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  1. You should have just had the fro-yo for breakfast! That coffee sounds great - I love french press. :)