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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Field Trip

Hola all!

Sorry it's so late at night, but I just finally got my camera to work. Normally, I'd be giving you a recap of today's eating adventures, as well as any recipes I concocted. But today I took a field trip to Ralph's (I love whole foods, but all grocery stores can be fun!) We collected the elements for a barbecue later today, so here is a visual recap!
Me in the car on the way there...

Yay, Ralphs! (The elevator wasn't working :(  )
Don't you just love produce this time of year? Look at how colorful the fresh section is!

I like cheese. I like cheese very much.

Isn't this sad? Frozen pizza and ice cream all right together. It's like the people planning this out are creating some kind of "forbidden freezer" affect. Be strong my friends, be strong...

More pretty results of spring time.

I am seriously in love with these tomatoes. They're so colorful! (No, I didn't start eating one right in the middle of the store.)

Blackberry phones are a lot more interesting to my dad than grocery shopping is. You all know I disagree.

Fascinating fruit!

Loaded and ready to rock! (Look at how little I bought. See? Aren't you proud of me? I CAN show some restraint at grocery stores sometimes. So take that, Visa!)

More produce!

Processed chips.

Me smiling and striking a pose in front of processed chips. (Isn't that more pleasant sounding?)

Checkin' out.

Notice how in no way shape or form do I have fifteen items or less. (Maybe I didn't show that much restraint...)

Me holding my (empty) vitamin water zero bottle. Which reminds me...

Kelly fact of the day!
I swore of regular sodas quite awhile ago, and I am still trying to totally weed out diet soda. It's been one of the hardest things for me to cut out of my diet, especially because it fakes you out with the "zero calorie" thing. I'm suggesting diet sodas have more than a negligible amount of calories, however, most of their ingredient lists are quite frightening. So I'm trying to get my refreshing beverage fix with vitamin water zero (which I love.) Some days are better than others, but Vitamin Water Zero does rock. So there.


-Kelly M.

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