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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Scale

Evening blog goers!

Sorry I haven't check in with y'all in a few days. Things can get hectic but, that's life. So anyway, my mom and I took a little road trip and now we're at this fabulous ranch near Santa Barbara, CA.

Since there is obviously no full scale kitchen in the room, I won't have any brand new recipes for you for the few days we're here. I may post about some sandwiches I throw together for lunch, but I also plan to post new recipes from foods I have conconcted and photographed earlier but didn't get a chance to put online.

I don't think any one's ever doubted the importance of preparedness.

But, because I need to get going soon and don't feel like waiting for the pictures to upload, I'm going to talk about an interesting event that happened to me today I thought I should share with you.

When I was losing the weight, (which you can read more about here) at some point I realized the scale and I weren't getting along. I weighed myself way to often, and would easily get discouraged and worried that I wasn't doing something right.

Eventually, I asked my mom to hide the scale and that was pretty much that. Easy right?

Well, I had to weigh myself at some point, because it really would've been a good idea to some kind of ballpark weight, up or down. So I set up certain points every so often where I would weigh in, and I would try to avoid weighing myself at other times.

This usually served it's purpose, but sometimes I would weigh myself anyway, and become frustrated if I didn't like the number.

I recently hit my goal weight of 117 lbs., and I was proud of myself. That marked the end of my 42 pound weight loss from 159 to my ideal weight of 117. So all is said and done, right? Well...

After I hot my ideal weight, i gradually stopped counting calories, and I didn't really write down what I was eating except for the blog, and some memory I may have retained. Again, I was proud of myself because I was eating healthfully, with pretty decent portion sizes, and all without stressing it. This all sounds good, right?

I last weighed on June 10, 2011 at 117 lbs. I decided it would be smart to weigh on right before we left for vacation so I new where I stood and had some incentive to be careful about the the "away from home" food.

I weighed in today, July 6, 2011 at 122 lbs. Oh boy.

This did not sit well with me.

I became very discouraged with that number. I guess I'm still in the "I'm losing weight" mind set, so I hated to see the scale go up. I am an active individual, and I am careful about what I eat. So what gives?

This took some realization.

I have an incredibly slow metabolism, for starters. I have had it ever since I was a little kid, but when I restricted my calorie intake, I slowed it down even more. So I figured, since I am now feeding it like I should, it doesn't know what to do. I think this is good logic.

Sadly, I went through this right when we should've been leaving for our road trip. Discouraged and frustrated as I was, I really didn't want to go. At least at home, I could monitor my intake more carefully.

But after some gentle nudges from my mom (and a lot of deep breaths,) I realized I better just go. Vacations are fun, and I'm quite active here anyway. Horseback riding, swimming, walking, all that jazz.

So I went to the bathroom, weighed myself in a lighter outfit, and it was 119.5. Better.

I think the most valuable part of going is getting to spend quality time with my mama. (I feel an "Aaaaaaw" moment coming, don't you?)

So I though I would share this with you because I don't want you guys getting discouraged by the scale, either. It could be a lot of things, but don't be too hard on yourself. You all rock.

And for what it's worth, the food here is amazing.


-Kelly M.

P.S. Sorry for all the typos, but it's late, I'm tired and not in a proof reading mood. Sorry, guys.

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